About John Pa

John Pa has started multiple companies (some, utter failures). His most current endeavors are, Grain, Clean Cookie Company, and The Howard and John Show. He’s an investor, idea-enthusiast, and a writer. He often writes about mindset, self-improvement, wealth creation, and relationships.


Hi, I’m John. I write honestly about life and business and how to improve them. This isn’t just about positivity; it’s also about facing the realities of living. Because, you know, life’s not full of rainbows and unicorns. There are storms and darkness in our lives too. But that doesn’t mean we’re hopeless. There’s hope, possibilities, opportunities in every circumstance, often, especially in the darkest times. And I give timely and timeless insights about all of that, here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I write (and podcast) and post here weekly. My three most popular posts are about 1) me almost leaving my marriage, 2) forgoing a good life to find a great one, and 3) being the fittest in my life in my forties.

Want to talk? I do, too. Email me at john@johnpa.com.

The Reason People Read My Blog: 

I’m honest and tell it like it is. From my utter and complete failures to my sky-high triumphs, I lay them bare for you to pick over and learn from so that you can side-step any potential train-wrecks and reach your own personal peaks more efficiently. It’s been over decade since I took my first step as an entrepreneur. But, in 2016, one of my businesses had reached a new height in growth, but I was personally drowning. It felt like the fingers of my heart were clasping onto the last rung of life. So, by the grace of God, I took a step back and started to write and blog. Here are the main topics I cover:

  1. Mindset: What are ways we can think differently to help us achieve better results?
  2. Relationships: How do we relate more effectively to others so we can build richer connections?
  3. Wealth Creation: What are practices and mindsets that cause us to create wealth?
  4. Self-Improvement: How can I improve my health, habits, etc. practically?

Readers say this about my writing: 

  • My weekly articles are inspiring, motivating, and useful. 
  • I’m honest with my struggles and practical with my advice. 
  • From relationships to thinking entrepreneurially, the wide range of topics I cover help people narrow in on areas they can grow.
  • My weekly posts are uplifting and encouraging and informative.

One reader, Leesa Romo, wrote these words about one of my articles:

Thank you so much for your article, extremely motivating and laying down the tools for how to get and stay healthy!

Leesa Romo

My company was more profitable than it ever was, but my relationship with some business partners was fraying, and my marriage was awful. I felt physically impoverished and emotionally bankrupt. I was burning out, and I needed a new beginning. In my business, I had always empowered creators, but I didn’t have the confidence to create. But I wanted to change all of that and contribute beauty and goodness into the world and become a creator. I wanted improve the lives of others, and my own. So, in 2017, I started this blog.

My learnings and thinking were hard-won. In the trenches of failure and defeat, I learned how to succeed and overcome my fears and think differently and manage my mindset. After time, and work, my marriage started to flourish and I managed to come back from my harrowing business relationships.

Another way I learned was by reading widely. From non-fiction about psychology, business, and productivity, to essays about technology, and even novels and poetry, I inhale it all, like I just broke a three day fast in front of an all you can eat buffet. And for dessert, I have a heaping mound of podcasts.

And I share what I learn here. Not only in the form of blog posts, but I plan on offering e-books. And I already have a weekly newsletter, where I send out additional and additive insights that improve your life. Sign up below.

Let’s learn and improve, together.

Lots of love,