Free Cleft E-Book

Having a cleft baby is daunting.

We know. We’ve been there.

This is our cleft baby, Pierce, on the day of his birth. Isn’t he beautiful?

And having a baby, cleft-ed or non-cleft-ed, is fantastic. But with the former, there are, you know…challenges that the latter doesn’t have. Like, how do you feed them after they’re born? How do you find a surgeon for your baby? How do you fend off your fears when you subject your baby to the surgeries they need? How do you post pictures? Yeah…challenges.

That’s why I wrote this free book.

It has all of the learnings and insights that we wish we had in a simple and easy to read PDF that, hopefully, won’t bore you to death.

I don’t just share about the surgeries, but also I get into the emotional rollercoaster, the fears, the loneliness, etc., and knowing how to manage them. I get practical about how to select a doctor and feed your baby or whether you need a lactation consultant or not. There are stories about how we coped with the post surgery pain management, and more.

For those of you who just want to get what you need, quickly, I have a Summary page where I sum up the most important lessons we’ve learned on a few pages. It’s like my cleft baby cliff-notes for parents.

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This is Pierce six months after his last surgery, the palate repair. He’s still beautiful, but different.

Lots of love,