Be More Unrealistic

“Let’s be realistic,” is a dream killing phrase, and I hate it. Don’t be realistic. Be foolish. Do that thing everyone says don’t do. Try that crazy idea that everyone says will fail. Go to that place everyone tells you not to go to. Failure is better than regret. With the former you learn. With…More

Mistakes Are One of the Best Things You Can Make

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is making no mistake at all. Learning new skills, trying new things, growth, solving problems all involve some sort of failing. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes; be afraid of never making anything. See, to create, to get better at a craft, you start by making…More

Just survive

Thriving is great, but sometimes surviving is the best you can do. Because, you know, life gets crazy. Jobs get lost, companies go out of business, relationships break, people leave us, we get sick—pandemics happen: crazy: Those are the moments that aren’t controllable and cause us great pain. Right now, the world can feel like…More

Experience we all need

“Experience” is just another word for making a lot of mistakes. Everyone prizes experience. So go get it. Try things. Break things. Do things. Don’t try to be perfect. Try to be effective. Contribute. Make things. Create value. And after a while. You can say that you’ve done this or that. You’ll be experienced.More

One of the smartest things you can do

Getting smarter isn’t about knowing everything, it’s about admitting what you don’t know. “I don’t know,” is such a simple phrase, but many of us have difficulty saying it to ourselves let alone to others. It makes us feel weak, vulnerable, stupid. But you’re not. It’s the furthest thing from the truth. Saying “I don’t…More

Make the time to do what you love by thinking like this

Sometimes we can think that we don’t have the time to pursue what we’ve always wanted to do. But, you do. You always do. Do you know why? Because following our dream is a choice. You can choose to reprioritize your time, what you do with it, how you fill it. Stop saying yes to…More

The worst thing that happens to you often can lead to the best results

Sometimes the worst things that happen to us are the best opportunities. They are the gateways to greatness. Giving up is always an option. Or, you can fight and find a way through the difficulty. The former will lead to the status quo or worse. The latter can irrevocably change your life for the better.…More

Feel behind in life? You needn’t

You’re not behind. You’re right where you need to be.  Just because so and so got that amazing title in their 20’s, or grew their business, published their book, got married, had kids, and did their thing before you did, that doesn’t mean you’re behind.  You’re on your own track. You have your own story.  Look…More

You need to know this about failure to succeed

Failing isn’t just failure. It’s a sign that you are trying, attempting—alive. When you fail, it doesn’t mean you’re silly or a loser or even a failure. No. It says you tried doing something outside of your comfort zone. It means you’re an explorer, adventurer, believer. You’re courageous. You know that life isn’t just about…More

To succeed you need to know this

Failure is a part of the process of succeeding. You can’t have one without the other. So don’t despair when you don’t see the results you want, make a mistake on that project, or fail to find the right answer. Learn from it. Grow from it. Walk away stronger, smarter, better, and persist in pushing…More