One of the best words to use when you feel bad

“Again” is a common word, but for those who’ve failed, been rejected, feel ashamed, it’s incredibly powerful. It means you get to start afresh; you get to find new love or rekindle an old one after feeling unlovable; you get to do that thing you never thought you would be able to do after failing…More

A truth that will help you reach your dreams

You are greater than you know. You are more than you believe. No matter what credentials, diplomas, status, or net worth you have (or don’t have), you possess the power to change your surroundings, your habits, your career, your life. You are more powerful than you know. What you say, think, and do impacts those…More

Sometimes to forget is the most powerful thing you can do

Sometimes forgetting is the best thing you can do to become who you were meant to be. Forget that you feel like a failure and that you can’t do this or that and the mistake you made back then. Forget thinking that you’re not enough, that you don’t look a certain way, have the credentials,…More

The one thing you need to make more of to grow: mistakes

Perfectionism doesn’t help us progress; mistakes do.  With the right mindset, they push us forward. We need to know that succeeding isn’t neat and tidy; it’s sloppy and messy. It’s mistake-ridden.  When you make a mistake, it lays the groundwork for improvement. Every failure is an attempt to do something. And in those attempts, you…More

One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself: Forgive

We all make mistakes, and we forgive others. But often forgiving ourselves is harder.  But we must.  Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s that thing you did or continue doing that you can’t release and forgive yourself. Instead, you punish.  I know all about that.  Defiance marked my teenage face, as I screamed…More

How change can make the best of you now

Change is scary. But we can learn to face it and turn it to our advantage.  The reason we fear change is because we can’t control it. It often happens to us.  And we see it as adversarial: Change is the enemy and is messing with my life. Change is changing what I don’t want…More

What do you think about fear?

Fear is no way to live. It keeps you from doing what you want, what you should do.  It causes you to freeze when the moment calls for moving forward. You hide when revealing yourself is better. Safety is not always sound.  Sure, it protects us from risk, from possibly dying, losing.  But living in…More

You can conquer the fear of embarrassment

The fear of embarrassment is powerful, but it doesn’t have to overpower us. But sometimes it does. I know all about that. An episode of a TV show kept me from blogging. Let me explain. Billions, a show on Showtime, has a scene where two characters were talking about another person who got fired from…More

Failure is the secret to success

Failure doesn’t have to be the end; it can be a start to something better.   Failing sucks—no doubt. It’s something we all want to avoid. And after we’ve failed, we may be tempted to quit, stop trying, hide. But that would be a mistake. For greater success is forged from the ashes of failure.  He…More

My first business was a complete failure

Featured pic above by Billy, I think, of my business partner and me at our first photo shoot. We had no idea what we were doing. What is that look on my face? Grand dreams of selling luxury t-shirts swirled in my mind, as I schlepped through Bedford Stuyvesant, the Brooklyn neighborhood in which Jay-Z…More