The YouTube ad that made me cry

Last week, we were watching a video when the greatest YouTube ad I had ever seen appeared. We couldn’t stop watching it. The skip ad button turned on and I ignored it. The ad went on for seconds then minutes. Until it ended nineteen minutes later. (I know, it might feel weird reading about a…More

This Is What Love Looks Like

I have an uncle that I admire. His name is Rick. You probably don’t know him. But, if you did, you would sense that he’s different. He’s one of the most loving guys I know. And we can all learn from him. When he wants to talk to my wife or me, he will call…More

This Is How I See You

You are glorious. You are lovely; you are loved. You are a child, a daughter, a son, family, a friend. You are valuable regardless of your story, your brokenness, your failures. You are beautiful. You are radiant. I see it in you; you can too. Love yourself. See yourself. Look into your face. Don’t note…More

One Great Thing From Social Distancing

Strangers are waving at me, and I find myself waving back. They smile, and so do I. And you know what? It feels really good. In all of this we’re learning to appreciate strangers. There’s a longing for connection that we all have, especially when we’re as starved of it as we are these days.…More

True strength

True strength isn’t about how much weight you can throw around in the gym; rather, it’s about your ability to carry the burdens of others. It’s certainly not about how many people you can hurt, but it’s about those you can heal. The strongest of us shouldn’t spend our energy trying to control anyone else…More

This is the one person we often forget to love

Speak gently and lovingly to yourself today. No matter what you did or didn’t do, don’t yell at yourself. Say something encouraging, tell yourself that it will be ok. That mistake you made isn’t you. You aren’t what you do. You’re more than that. You’re a child of God, a human being. You’re who you are. Love…More

I want to see you happy

Your face aglow with a radiance blazing from within, rich with joy and satisfaction, is what I wish to see. May you be filled with a flourishing—not from your possessions, fulfilled with more than just things, wealth, or fame—that comes from a secret knowledge, a mysterious knowing—Love. Being loved faithfully, unwaveringly, deeply is richness that…More

Love yourself when you make a mistake

When we make a mistake, we might be harsh with others. But the person we are often harshest with isn’t anyone around us. It’s ourselves. Sure, you made a mistake. Yes, it was terrible. But why make it worse? Why punish yourself more? The mistake is bad enough. Let it go. Punishing yourself won’t change…More

One of the most important people we forget to be kind to

Be kind to yourself today.  You might have screwed up, but you’re not a screwup.  You might have made a mistake, but you aren’t a mistake.  You are worthy. You are lovable. You are beautiful.  Punishing yourself will not right the wrong. That would only add to it.  Forgive yourself. Let it go. Move forward. …More