A secret to winning

We all want to win in our relationships, investments, love. But winning is often counterintuitive. And we can sum it up like this. To win, you must be willing to lose. You see, in relationships, we want to be right or argue our point or make people see our way, our hurts, our pain, our…More

You are not an imposter

You’re not an imposter; you’re just in-process. You might be a father learning to parent, an employee who is progressing in your career, an entrepreneur hustling to survive, or a couple trying to forge a healthy marriage. That’s good; that’s great. Life is a process. Anytime you try something, do something, go somewhere, you’re not…More

The Best Thing About Our Baby Having a Cleft Lip and Palate

Our son was born with a birth defect called a cleft lip and palate. This happens when the lip and roof of a baby’s mouth doesn’t fully close up in the womb creating a gap, thus the “cleft.” During almost all of the pregnancy, we went about our lives completely unaware of it. Finding About…More

This is what it costs to live a great life

There is no forever without always. There is no way to gain the riches of commitment without committing. You can have great friendships but you need to be a great friend. You can have deep connections but you need to connect deeply. You can have a life together but you have to give them your…More

This is how you make better decisions

We all want to make smart decisions. And you can, by living in the tension. Now I’m not talking about the daily decisions like eating a sandwich or salad (get the half and half, of course), or to like a photo on Instagram or not. Let’s talk about big decisions, like looking for a new…More

This is one of the best ways to think

The best way to improve ourselves is to improve the way we think.  I recently read a great book about culture called What You Do Is Who You Are (affiliate).  It drew from some amazing events and people that showed how actions are what actually form culture. Not thought, philosophies, ideas, values, but cold hard…More

Feel behind in life? You needn’t

You’re not behind. You’re right where you need to be.  Just because so and so got that amazing title in their 20’s, or grew their business, published their book, got married, had kids, and did their thing before you did, that doesn’t mean you’re behind.  You’re on your own track. You have your own story.  Look…More

Have you ever considered a prenup?

On an episode of the Tim Ferriss Show, one of his guests, Ramit Sethi, talked about prenuptial agreements, or prenups, which are contracts signed before people get married that dictate rights to property and what happens after there is a divorce. They were both in favor of them. It was interesting. I don’t mean that…More

Do this to become the person you want to be

We become like the people with whom we surround ourselves. We are social creatures and can be influenced. We are more easily influenced than we think. I am. Who do you want to be? Do you have dreams? Aspire to something greater? You can achieve it.More