One of the best ways to deal with uncertainty

Uncertainty is everywhere. And the best thing we can do isn’t fight it, try to force things to happen—control. No. Sometimes the best thing we can do is just do this—surrender. That’s not the same as giving up. You’re not quitting. Absolutely not! Surrendering is different. It’s not giving up; it’s giving in. And that’s…More

This Is the Freedom You Can Hear

A choir of birds chirp outside my window each morning. And the melodies breathe a refreshing breeze into my soul that helps me face the day. It’s a simple sound, never ceasing to surprise and delight me, reminding me of something greater. Taking pleasure in the every-day moments, common yet majestic, can bring mirth even…More

For your enjoyment

Don’t rush. Take your time. Meander. Roam. Wander. If you see others scurrying to and fro, don’t follow them. Don’t imitate. Go at you own pace. Actually, slow down. Notice what’s around you, the beauty, the aromas, the sky. Breathe in deeply and soak the world into your body; absorb it. Smile. Venture inward and…More

This is one of the best ways to think

The best way to improve ourselves is to improve the way we think.  I recently read a great book about culture called What You Do Is Who You Are (affiliate).  It drew from some amazing events and people that showed how actions are what actually form culture. Not thought, philosophies, ideas, values, but cold hard…More