Heal your wounds

The key to healing a wound is to move toward the pain. You know the relational or financial or emotional problems that happen in life. They hurt us. We’re wounded. But if you don’t face the uncomfortable, even agonizing conversations you don’t want to have with your partner, friend, mother, it only makes the relationship…More

You are not an imposter

You’re not an imposter; you’re just in-process. You might be a father learning to parent, an employee who is progressing in your career, an entrepreneur hustling to survive, or a couple trying to forge a healthy marriage. That’s good; that’s great. Life is a process. Anytime you try something, do something, go somewhere, you’re not…More

A better tomorrow is a choice

Your past isn’t you; and your future is always being made in the present. You’re walking potential. You’re becoming. You’re changing, growing, evolving. That is, if you choose to be. You’re not simply who everyone thinks you are. You’re not stuck. You’re not just you. Decide to make new relationships, form new habits, develop new…More

This Is One of the Smartest Things You Can Do

To get smarter you have to feel stupid, sometimes. You ask the obvious question, repeat something back, relearn something you think you should have already learned. Sure, it can be embarrassing. But, to learn you have to be open to learning. And that means you’re not the master but the pupil, not the teacher but…More

You Have Great Power

You are not powerless; you have a choice. You can choose to avoid the news, build a routine, exercise, connect with a friend, read a great book—hope. It’s not easy in this time, I get it. Shifting your mind from focusing on the negative to healthier activities is your decision. Decide to feed your mind…More

This Is How I See You

You are glorious. You are lovely; you are loved. You are a child, a daughter, a son, family, a friend. You are valuable regardless of your story, your brokenness, your failures. You are beautiful. You are radiant. I see it in you; you can too. Love yourself. See yourself. Look into your face. Don’t note…More

When You Savor Life, You Are Rich

An urgency to live well grows in us when we see our parents growing old. Or at least that’s what happened to me yesterday.  “It felt like a few days ago when we took these pictures,” my mom said to my son as she showed him an album of Polaroid pictures of me when I…More

These Are the Rules You Should Break

Some rules are stupid. For example, some people think you shouldn’t ask your boss for a raise because that would upset them. Or you shouldn’t pursue your dream because it’s too risky. Or you shouldn’t invest in the market because you could lose money. Or you shouldn’t get married because happy marriages rarely happen. But…More

The Best Way You Can See Your Mistakes

The mistakes you’ve made are never just a mistake. They’re gifts. You see, the worst things in life can become the best. I got fired in my twenties from the only career path I was qualified for. It was what I got my master’s degree in for goodness sake. Sure, I thought my future was…More

Transform Your Life With Better Expectations

To avoid disappointment don’t lower your expectations; lengthen them. No one wants to be disappointed. And to prevent it some of us think it’s better to lower our expectations or, worse, kill them completely. But, that doesn’t work. Lowering your expectations is like giving up and it’s almost practically impossible to do. If you expect…More