New York City Is Not Dead

New York City will thrive again. Yes, the city seems gutted. But it’s not gone. It feels lifeless but it’s not dead. Just because a creature is still doesn’t mean it has been snuffed out. It’s resting. More than that, it’s transforming. New York is evolving. It’s done it in the past; it will do…More

This pizza will make your life better

Pizza is one of my favorite foods to eat. So I love it when I find another great place to get a delicious slice. There is this proper Roman pizza shop on the Upper East Side that I discovered, and I am so thankful that I did.More

In NYC, spring is in the air

The smells of New York City are usually the butt of a joke (which is often associated with the smell of a butt). But in the spring, there is something sweet in the air. It’s surprising.More