What Is the Value of a Black Person’s Life?

What is the value of a human life? Or to be more precise what is it for a black person’s life? Is it worth subordinating your agenda, your rights, your feelings, your privilege, your race? Is it worth getting unfollowed, unliked, ghosted, canceled, hated, arrested, despised? Is it worth protests, standing against police lines, facing…More

Peace Must Be Fought For

People in power don’t give up power willingly. You don’t see them surrendering a seat of power unless it’s absolutely necessary. Kings must be beheaded, rebellions must be incited, and revolutions fought in order to unseat tyrants, despots, and dictators. Isn’t that how America was born? Now we live in a “free” country. It’s blessed,…More

Keeping perspective in crisis: This too shall pass

Yes, I’m afraid. But my fleeting fear rests on this fact: This too shall pass. Coronavirus should be taken seriously. We shouldn’t just keep on hanging out with all of our cohorts, sharing food, drinks, laughs in a crowded space, spraying respiratory droplets all over each other like we’re watering the lawn. Gross, but true.…More

You are rich

If you can’t enjoy what you have, you’ll never appreciate what you want. If you learn to feel rich in every moment, getting what you hope for will only make you richer. Gratitude gives you abundance even when you may have relatively little. And if you have nothing, you can still be grateful for life.…More

Life is better when you think like this

The path of life is rarely clear ahead. The secret is to enjoy the walk. Knowing what is ahead is impossible. Yet we pine and yearn to know what will happen to this or that in our lives. We worry, stress, and strain. Why do that for something we cannot have? The future, no matter…More