You are rich

If you can’t enjoy what you have, you’ll never appreciate what you want. If you learn to feel rich in every moment, getting what you hope for will only make you richer. Gratitude gives you abundance even when you may have relatively little. And if you have nothing, you can still be grateful for life.…More

I want you to have true peace

Rest isn’t just the sleep we get; it’s a state of inner being that we need. It’s beyond memory foam pillows, Egyptian Cotton sheets, and goose feather duvets. We seek an inner stillness, a quietude in our soul. So stop and relax your shoulders; quiet the voices clamoring in your mind. Focus on your breath.…More

I want you to be blessed

Peace. Let it wash over you, soothing you like an embrace of a loved one, as you ease yourself into this vision. You are in a beautiful garden, surrounded by blooming flowers, red, orange, violet, indigo, yellow. The green is greener than you’ve ever seen it, covering rolling hills, treetops, bushes. It’s vibrant and rich.…More

One of the best ways to become happy

More. It’s one of the greatest lies there is.  More money, more sex, more friends, more cars, more education, more this, more that will help me be happy, fulfilled, feel better about myself. But it never does.  Yes, More can bring happiness. But it’s there; then it’s not. It’s a flash, a moment. Then it’s…More