Feeling amazing one bite at a time

I love meat. I always have.  But now I’m a vegetarian. Why? It’s simple: I feel amazing. For decades, I felt terrible. Chronic pain in my back, legs, and joints plagued me.  But here’s the crazy thing, I accepted it as my fate, thinking that feeling that badly was my normal. Being tired, experiencing pain,…More

One thing that helps you reach your potential

Sometimes who we are and who we want to be feel too far apart to do anything about. But that’s not true in many cases.  You can reach your potential.  It starts with these words.  “I can.” That simple phrase is the key to going further than we ever thought we could.  And yet many…More

This pizza will make your life better

Pizza is one of my favorite foods to eat. So I love it when I find another great place to get a delicious slice. There is this proper Roman pizza shop on the Upper East Side that I discovered, and I am so thankful that I did.More

Improve your life one day at a time

We all want to get better, reach our goals, live better lives. But getting there is so freaking hard. When we think about growing a business, getting healthy, getting a promotion, saving for retirement, etc. it can feel daunting, overwhelming. And no matter how much we don’t want to, we can end up quitting. But…More

How I fight my cravings everyday

Saying that I love bagels, pizza, donuts, and ice cream just doesn’t do it justice. I think about them all of the time, every day. I’m obsessed. I’m thinking about them right now. And I crave them, want them, yearn for them. And they seem to love me too. I can hear them calling to…More