True meaning

Meaning is like air to us. Without it we die. With it we soar like eagles. I just read this morning an author state that the universe doesn’t care about you or anything that happens on our planet or anywhere else. And that the only meaning we can conjure up in this cold hard world…More

This is what it costs to live a great life

There is no forever without always. There is no way to gain the riches of commitment without committing. You can have great friendships but you need to be a great friend. You can have deep connections but you need to connect deeply. You can have a life together but you have to give them your…More

This is how you make better decisions

We all want to make smart decisions. And you can, by living in the tension. Now I’m not talking about the daily decisions like eating a sandwich or salad (get the half and half, of course), or to like a photo on Instagram or not. Let’s talk about big decisions, like looking for a new…More

This is the best way to transform the world around you

The bus was taking forever. And it wasn’t just cold; it was windy, not like a gentle breeze. It was gusty, which is common in New York City. At least it was sunny. But we were still shivering while on 14th Street and 9th Ave surrounded by people who looked like arctic adventurers with the…More

This is one of the best ways to think

The best way to improve ourselves is to improve the way we think.  I recently read a great book about culture called What You Do Is Who You Are (affiliate).  It drew from some amazing events and people that showed how actions are what actually form culture. Not thought, philosophies, ideas, values, but cold hard…More

This is the one person we often forget to love

Speak gently and lovingly to yourself today. No matter what you did or didn’t do, don’t yell at yourself. Say something encouraging, tell yourself that it will be ok. That mistake you made isn’t you. You aren’t what you do. You’re more than that. You’re a child of God, a human being. You’re who you are. Love…More

Make the time to do what you love by thinking like this

Sometimes we can think that we don’t have the time to pursue what we’ve always wanted to do. But, you do. You always do. Do you know why? Because following our dream is a choice. You can choose to reprioritize your time, what you do with it, how you fill it. Stop saying yes to…More

I want to see you happy

Your face aglow with a radiance blazing from within, rich with joy and satisfaction, is what I wish to see. May you be filled with a flourishing—not from your possessions, fulfilled with more than just things, wealth, or fame—that comes from a secret knowledge, a mysterious knowing—Love. Being loved faithfully, unwaveringly, deeply is richness that…More

Thinking like this is worth your time

Thinking you’re unworthy isn’t worth your time. Instead, read books that teach you truths about the world, about others, about you. Do things that you believe in and contribute to the greater good. Pray and meditate on the world beyond this one. And remember, if your thinking isn’t worth your time, it’s a waste of…More

The worst thing that happens to you often can lead to the best results

Sometimes the worst things that happen to us are the best opportunities. They are the gateways to greatness. Giving up is always an option. Or, you can fight and find a way through the difficulty. The former will lead to the status quo or worse. The latter can irrevocably change your life for the better.…More