Live well

I’m not an NBA fan; I don’t watch any games, turn on ESPN, follow any players, but the news about Kobe Bryant and his daughter punched me in the heart. Famous people dying is in the media all of the time. It’s sad, and we can feel some sadness. But often we move on. The…More

Finding meaning when everything feels meaningless

Sometimes life feels…well—empty—devoid of purpose. It’s easy to feel like a hamster running on a stupid wheel. But that’s wrong. Life’s not purposeless. And you’re not a hamster. But I know the feeling of waking up and wondering why you’re even bothering. Why even open your eyes, get out of bed, get ready to go…More

The power of starting

With every second that passes, you are one moment away from changing your life. Really. That project you always wanted to do, the career path you always wanted to pursue, growing more fit, exercising your faith, becoming a better person are all before you, right now, this instant. All you have to do is this:…More

True strength

True strength isn’t about how much weight you can throw around in the gym; rather, it’s about your ability to carry the burdens of others. It’s certainly not about how many people you can hurt, but it’s about those you can heal. The strongest of us shouldn’t spend our energy trying to control anyone else…More

One of the smartest things you can do

Getting smarter isn’t about knowing everything, it’s about admitting what you don’t know. “I don’t know,” is such a simple phrase, but many of us have difficulty saying it to ourselves let alone to others. It makes us feel weak, vulnerable, stupid. But you’re not. It’s the furthest thing from the truth. Saying “I don’t…More

This is true success

You don’t need a lot of money, have a corner office, be famous, live in a beautiful house, or possess a huge following to be successful. No—you just have to be loved. I get that you can’t eat love: It doesn’t put food on the table. But, I bet that most of us aren’t starving…More

You are rich

If you can’t enjoy what you have, you’ll never appreciate what you want. If you learn to feel rich in every moment, getting what you hope for will only make you richer. Gratitude gives you abundance even when you may have relatively little. And if you have nothing, you can still be grateful for life.…More

When unlearning is the greatest lesson

Unlearning is sometimes the best learning you can do. For often you limit the understanding of how high you can climb or how far you can go or how great you can become; but those thoughts are often untrue, wrong. Examine them. Dismantle those limiting notions, the dark stories from your childhood, those demeaning words…More

If you want to soar, do this

Often the best way to rise higher is to go lower. If you want to feel happier and be lifted up and feel like you’re dancing with the angels, you need to go deeper. You need to dive into what has hurt you and forgive others, yourself and heal. To soar in your career, you…More