The new you starts here

New doesn’t mean throwing out the old. Those mistakes, that failure are things you’d like to forget—but don’t. Becoming new means taking the old and learning from it, growing through it. Just as the flower dies in winter and feeds the seed in spring, your past helps your future bloom. Without the old, you cannot…More

You are rich

Abundance is a mindset. If you look at your life and only see lack, then you will only want more; but, if you look and see riches and richness, you will be grateful and fulfilled. Happiness isn’t about having more; it’s about appreciating what you have.More

Live simply

What you own isn’t as important as making sure your things don’t own you.More

The most important thing that should matter to you

What matters, really? Your life does. The very fact you get to breathe, wake up, chit chat with your neighbors is paramount. Without it everything else wouldn’t matter. Another thing that matters are relationships, getting to be with loved ones, the people who really love you and whom you love—for whom you would die—and know.…More

One simple mindset that leads to a successful life

You didn’t fail; you succeeded in trying. Don’t beat yourself up. Celebrate your courage, gumption, oomph. Now you just have to try again and again and again, remembering what you’re doing isn’t about failure, or success even. It’s about experimenting, learning, growing. It’s about living not just staying alive. So live. If you do that,…More

One of the best friends you should have

We are often our own worst enemy because we haven’t learned how to be our own greatest friend: We criticize ourselves when we should encourage, rage against when we should extend peace, yell at when we should listen, hate when we should love. We shouldn’t just be kind to ourselves; we need to support and…More

The one thing you should never do

There are times when life tries to drag you down, crush you, take you out. And you’ll want to surrender. Darkness will envelop you, swallow you whole, blind you. You will crawl, cry, pray, choke, scream. But it won’t matter. You can’t change what happened. And you’ll be tempted to think that it will always…More

You need to know that you’re more than just you

“Just” is a word we should use sparingly with ourselves. “I’m just a mom,” or “I’m just an employee,” or “I’m just a woman,” or “I’m just a child.” “Just” limits you. It strips away the potential you have, what you can reach. You aren’t just you. You are becoming, always. You are changing, growing,…More

Are you living for the right person?

We all live for people. But are you living for the right person? Maybe you became a buttoned-up lawyer because your parents “made” you, when you really wanted to be an artist in paint-covered jeans, flicking the perfect strokes like Bob Ross, but it was too “impractical.” Now, you’re miserable.  Or, maybe you’re feeling frantic…More