Today is the most powerful day you have

Today you can start changing your life. Right now. This moment. The career change you wanted to make, the life partner you wanted to find, the blog you’ve talked about starting, today you can do something about them.  The past needn’t define you. The present is everyone’s opportunity to redefine themselves.  The future is too…More

One of the best ways to become happy

More. It’s one of the greatest lies there is.  More money, more sex, more friends, more cars, more education, more this, more that will help me be happy, fulfilled, feel better about myself. But it never does.  Yes, More can bring happiness. But it’s there; then it’s not. It’s a flash, a moment. Then it’s…More

When being foolish is the smartest thing you can do

We should be foolish more often. For the foolish are the ones who do something new, innovate, change the world.  It’s true; they do look stupid in the process. People laugh at them, criticize and mock them. “Look at so and so, doing that thing,” the critics will say, “I thought she was smart.”   But…More

Sometimes rest is the best thing for your work

We want to succeed, improve our work, write better. So we grind away, working more, harder, believing that’s what we should do.  But that’s wrong.  Yes, we need to work hard. And yes, that often equates to long hours, dogged days, grinding away.  Yet, there are times when no matter how many hours you put…More

One of the most powerful things you can do for yourself: Forgive

We all make mistakes, and we forgive others. But often forgiving ourselves is harder.  But we must.  Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s that thing you did or continue doing that you can’t release and forgive yourself. Instead, you punish.  I know all about that.  Defiance marked my teenage face, as I screamed…More

Do you know how valuable you really are?

You are more valuable than you think you are, believe you are.  Even with all of your mistakes, guilt, shame, sin, flaws, and failures, you are worth more than all of the gold in the world.  The people who told you you are worthless lied to you. They spoke out of their shame and lack…More

How change can make the best of you now

Change is scary. But we can learn to face it and turn it to our advantage.  The reason we fear change is because we can’t control it. It often happens to us.  And we see it as adversarial: Change is the enemy and is messing with my life. Change is changing what I don’t want…More

What do you think about fear?

Fear is no way to live. It keeps you from doing what you want, what you should do.  It causes you to freeze when the moment calls for moving forward. You hide when revealing yourself is better. Safety is not always sound.  Sure, it protects us from risk, from possibly dying, losing.  But living in…More

A love poem to the haters

To the haters, It’s tempting to want to hate you back. But that’s useless.  It won’t help anything. All it does is perpetuate the hate between us. And that’s foolish.  Instead, I will say that I love you. I feel for you and with you. I sense your pain.  Isn’t that what causes the hate…More

Improve your life with this one simple word

“No.”  It’s hard to say it. It’s true.  We want to help everyone; we want them to like us; we don’t want them to think badly of us. So we say yes.  But the truth is that we can’t help anyone very well when we are overwhelmed. And always saying yes is overwhelming.  And that’s…More