Surprising love in a city of strangers

Silver doors quickly slide open, and my family and I piled into the subway car with everyone else. All of the seats were taken: It was morning rush hour. But, our five year old whined, “I waaannt toooo siiiit.” Mortified, we tried to hush him thoroughly. But before we did, a man in his fifties…More

I want you to be happy

Last week, I read about Jeff Bezos buying a three-floor penthouse apartment in Manhattan for eighty million dollars. And when I did, I felt something.  What was it?  Envy.  Maybe you can relate?  But it wasn’t the apartment, for me, no.  What does one do with twelve bedrooms and seventeen thousand square feet? I haven’t…More

Fatherhood: Reflections on the last days of summer with my son

Popcorn, beer, and fans in blue surrounded us. Summer sun was beating down; a cool wind comforted us; and the crowd roared when a homerun soared over the back wall. His face glowed with hope and joy as we sat: My son and I perched in the Bronx.  He knew that I didn’t like staying…More

Confessions of an introvert: unexpected events at a barbecue

Walking into a room full of people can be hard. A party isn’t just a party, especially if you’re an introvert like me. They are work. But it’s summer in the city, and people want to barbecue. And I got invited to one in Brooklyn. Usually, I would have stayed safely at home, giving an…More

One thing that helps you reach your potential

Sometimes who we are and who we want to be feel too far apart to do anything about. But that’s not true in many cases.  You can reach your potential.  It starts with these words.  “I can.” That simple phrase is the key to going further than we ever thought we could.  And yet many…More

This pizza will make your life better

Pizza is one of my favorite foods to eat. So I love it when I find another great place to get a delicious slice. There is this proper Roman pizza shop on the Upper East Side that I discovered, and I am so thankful that I did.More

Improve your life one day at a time

We all want to get better, reach our goals, live better lives. But getting there is so freaking hard. When we think about growing a business, getting healthy, getting a promotion, saving for retirement, etc. it can feel daunting, overwhelming. And no matter how much we don’t want to, we can end up quitting. But…More