True happiness can’t be bought

The best things in life don’t come with a receipt. But all of our lives we’ve been told—no, sold—that if we buy this or that thing we will be sexy, better, satisfied, happy. But it’s not true. We’ve been duped. I remember going into stores and buying this or that article of clothing for my…More

Dealing with the fear of Coronavirus

You’re thinking about it; I’m thinking about it. Let’s talk about it. What is it? Coronavirus.  A couple of nights ago, I was sitting in this ramen shop waiting for my friend, when I heard it: Coughing. Two women seated next to me coughed with this dry wheezing kind of cough. Maybe you would have…More

For your enjoyment

Don’t rush. Take your time. Meander. Roam. Wander. If you see others scurrying to and fro, don’t follow them. Don’t imitate. Go at you own pace. Actually, slow down. Notice what’s around you, the beauty, the aromas, the sky. Breathe in deeply and soak the world into your body; absorb it. Smile. Venture inward and…More

You can choose

You have the power to choose. Choose to love. Serve others. Adore yourself. Love the unlovable. Choose to play. Like a child, enjoy your this moment, all of the moments, see the world with wonder, glee, delight. Playfully move through the world. Choose to dance. Allow the music on the radio, in your mind, to…More

Love your life

Life’s simplest joys are best: a hug from a loved one, a kind word, a smile, the aroma of coffee right as you take the first sip, friends sharing stories and laughter, children growing, life awakening, a new day. That’s not seen simply. It takes work. See, we’re taught at a very young age that…More

One of the greatest blessings we often overlook

Time is a gift. Each second is a boon for your life, it’s a harvest of blessings before you—a feast. Drink deeply from it, savor each morsel, enjoy, laugh, love—live. This very second has been given to you. It’s an opportunity and invitation to grow, learn, try. That dream you’ve wanted to realize, the book…More

Waiting well will transform your life

Waiting feels terrible. But when we wait well, magic happens. Growing, improving, changing doesn’t happen quickly. We know that. But for some reason, we still get impatient and disappointed when it doesn’t happen when we want it to, which often means yesterday. And we know that we must wait. But what we often fail to…More

You are more than worthy

You are worth infinitely more than you know. The stars, jewels, and gold cannot compare. You have the face of God. You see, the world has duped you into believing that you are your salary or your “earning potential” or your net worth. But that is not your real value. You’re worthy of dignity, respect,…More

The best thing about losing

Losing doesn’t just mean you’ve lost. For, when you lose, you gain. Whenever a friend leaves, you move away, get fired, close a business, it’s awful. We hate it. We should, because losing sucks. No one wants to have something taken from them. But what I’ve noticed is no matter what (or who) was taken…More

Create better work by doing this

Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to create something great: The creative process isn’t just about work; it’s about rest. Your mind needs time to recuperate, recover, be restored. It does that through sleep and daydreaming—doing nothing. That means staring off into space, looking out the window, letting your mind wander, dozing off to…More