You are more valuable than you know

You are not just enough; you are more than enough. Don’t let your inner critic run rampant and criticize all that you do and don’t do. Don’t always listen to the voices around you saying how you did this or that poorly. You are not just your accomplishments, the number of friends you or likes…More

Life is better when you think like this

The path of life is rarely clear ahead. The secret is to enjoy the walk. Knowing what is ahead is impossible. Yet we pine and yearn to know what will happen to this or that in our lives. We worry, stress, and strain. Why do that for something we cannot have? The future, no matter…More

This is the greatness you can choose

Greatness is a choice. Sometimes getting out of bed is like slaying a mythical monster. Other times it could be starting a business. But no matter what fears you face, or what fear looks like for you, facing them whatever they are is choosing to be great. Choose to defy them and live greatly. You can be…More

Feel behind in life? You needn’t

You’re not behind. You’re right where you need to be.  Just because so and so got that amazing title in their 20’s, or grew their business, published their book, got married, had kids, and did their thing before you did, that doesn’t mean you’re behind.  You’re on your own track. You have your own story.  Look…More

You can make today a great day

Every day presents an opportunity to rise to the occasion. Who you become, what you will do, what you will say “no” to, are all before you. They are a choice. You can choose. Choose well. And rise.More

You’re worthier than you know

“You don’t belong here,” or “These people are better than you,” are words that can creep into our minds. But they shouldn’t. There are times in our lives and careers when we feel like imposters, sneaking into a room full of “worthier” people than ourselves, wondering how we got here. But you’re not an imposter!…More

Accomplish more by thinking like this

“You need to be more ‘realistic’” is a phrase that we hear. We say it to ourselves. But that is shaping our mindset, and it’s stifling you. Mediocrity is borne on such words. That’s how the status quo is preserved, and growth is hindered. You won’t push beyond your limits by thinking realistically. Dreams are…More

Love yourself when you make a mistake

When we make a mistake, we might be harsh with others. But the person we are often harshest with isn’t anyone around us. It’s ourselves. Sure, you made a mistake. Yes, it was terrible. But why make it worse? Why punish yourself more? The mistake is bad enough. Let it go. Punishing yourself won’t change…More

You need to know this about failure to succeed

Failing isn’t just failure. It’s a sign that you are trying, attempting—alive. When you fail, it doesn’t mean you’re silly or a loser or even a failure. No. It says you tried doing something outside of your comfort zone. It means you’re an explorer, adventurer, believer. You’re courageous. You know that life isn’t just about…More

When creating feels impossible, you need to know this

Creating can feel like fighting nature: Impossible. Making that painting, writing that novel or blog post or, sometimes, even a sentence can make us break into a cold sweat. And it’s tempting to think, “Oh, I’ll just wait for inspiration to hit,” like a kid holding a kite as he waits for a strong wind…More