This Perspective Helps You Live

Stories of death have been haunting me lately, helping me view the world, better. This week I read two posts about people I know who lost loved ones, not to the pandemic, but tragically nonetheless. One lost a young wife, and the other, a baby who was stillborn. And while my eyes pored over the…More

You Are Blessed Today

Each day is a blessing. If the virus has taught us anything it is to appreciate the fundamental things in life, the essential, like life itself. If you’re breathing, that’s good. It’s great. Your lungs work as they should. You’re not on a respirator fighting to catch a tiny breath, feeling like your drowning without…More

Finding Rest Right Now

We’re tired. Fighting a pandemic is exhausting. Even if you’re home alone or with kids or whatever, this is taking a lot more energy than we ever imagined it would. Who knew homeschooling was like herding cats and trying to teach them math. And then there’s the militaristic effort to sanitize everything—I mean everything—before it…More