What the crosswalk lady said unsettled me

On our way home from school, a stream of neighborhood children cross at an intersection where a woman with a rich Latin-American accent greets every child by name as she helps them across the street every day. Dulce’s our crosswalk lady.More

Did our five-day old baby really need three spinal taps?

My wife just gave birth to our second son at home (on purpose). And five days later, our pediatrician pushed us into the ER because our baby had a low temperature. We thought he was just jaundiced (something a lot of newborns get but can be easily treated with special lights). But we weren’t prepared…More

The secret to dealing with people in business

At the core of every business isn’t money. It’s relationships. Now, I don’t mean that you need to go on a business retreat and hold hands with your coworkers as you dance around a campfire singing Kumbaya. But we can be practicing ways of relating to others that build mutual respect, trust, and maybe even…More

There is no growth without this

Everyone wants to grow. No one wants to go backward, stagnate, settle. It may happen, but not because we want that. Then why do some people grow more than others? Is it just pure ability, genetics, environment? Maybe. It’s hard to say. But, for me, there is one characteristic that stands out more than others.More

My first business was a complete failure

Featured pic above by Billy, I think, of my business partner and me at our first photo shoot. We had no idea what we were doing. What is that look on my face? Grand dreams of selling luxury t-shirts swirled in my mind, as I schlepped through Bedford Stuyvesant, the Brooklyn neighborhood in which Jay-Z…More