This pizza will make your life better

Pizza is one of my favorite foods to eat.

So I love it when I find another great place to get a delicious slice.

There is this proper Roman pizza shop on the Upper East Side that I discovered, and I am so thankful that I did.

Pies upon rectangle pies line the glass case with so many colors and variety that they look like art. When you bite into a piece, the juice of the toppings burst in your mouth with all of its savory salty-sweet, aromatic goodness; and somehow simultaneously the crunch of the crispy crust crackles and pops like an artisanal cracker with a bready center with each mouthful. It’s heaven on a square.

I love the plainer ones like margarita or buffalo mozzarella with basil, drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

The one pictured above just came out of a convection oven, and it was heated just right–hot, but not scalding. And each bite was perfection.

Some of you might say, How can you live a better, healthier life and eat pizza?

But I ask, How can we not eat pizza and live a better life?

I don’t consider health as counting every single calorie I consume. I refuse to live that way. Instead, I mostly eat very healthily, and I’m not afraid to treat myself from time to time.

And who said pizza is not the healthiest? I don’t consider it unhealthy. Bread, cheese, a little bit of tomato sauce and basil isn’t bad. It’s almost like a salad on a cracker. I just don’t eat it every day.

And being healthy is more than just eating and exercising. I think there is something healing about enjoying the things we love. There’s joy in it. And those things, like that beautiful square I’m holding in the pic above, are meant to be enjoyed.

It’s a treat. Life is meant to be savored. And a large slice of that is enjoying the delectable food that surrounds us. Sure, we shouldn’t gorge, but we can selectively indulge.

And on that day, I did.



  1. Linda Latt says:

    Sadly, we do not have wonderful choices here. No heavenly Pizza anywhere to be found. One advantage of living in NYC.


    1. John Pa says:

      Sorry Linda! I’d offer to Fedex some to you, but I’m pretty sure it won’t make it there in the condition it should. But if you are ever in town, I will be happy to take you there and treat!


  2. Linda Latt says:

    It has been quite some time since I was in NYC. My brother lives in West Nyack and used to work in the city at the American Museum of Natural History . He has been working out of his home now for years. He is a children’s book writer. Check him out here:


    1. John Pa says:

      Well come on back. Also I’ll check out his site.


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