How change can make the best of you now

Change is scary. But we can learn to face it and turn it to our advantage. 

The reason we fear change is because we can’t control it. It often happens to us. 

And we see it as adversarial: Change is the enemy and is messing with my life. Change is changing what I don’t want to be changed. 

We can fight it. But that tactic usually ends badly. 

But we can alter the way we view it. 

Change is a chance. It’s a time to grow. We can try something we’ve never done before and expand our mind, practice, life. 

We can’t change change, but we can choose to change ourselves, our actions, our language, our thinking.

Change is painful, but, if we think rightly, it can mean progress. 

By changing the way we see change, viewing it less as a burden and a thing to fear and more like something that helps us, grows us, pushes us to be better; we change. 

Now, instead of change happening to us, it’s happening for us. 

It needn’t be torture. 

It’s a teacher. 


  1. Jae Pierce says:

    I agree with your observations! I have personally changed a lot over these past few months, and although I embrace change now, change was initially forced upon me. Change is a powerful teacher. Embrace it!


    1. John Pa says:

      Jae, thanks for reading and your thoughts. Yes, change is often thrusted upon us. And it gives me joy to hear that you’ve embraced it and have grown. I wish you the best!


  2. essenceoftimeblog says:

    love it!


    1. John Pa says:

      Thank you!!


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