Do you know how valuable you really are?

You are more valuable than you think you are, believe you are. 

Even with all of your mistakes, guilt, shame, sin, flaws, and failures, you are worth more than all of the gold in the world. 

The people who told you you are worthless lied to you. They spoke out of their shame and lack of understanding of their value. 

They are wrong about you. 

No matter how many have rejected you, you are worthy: worthy of love, worthy of belonging, worthy of dignity, worthy of being, worthy of forgiveness, deserving of infinite value. 

You are kings and queens, adorned with honor, grace, and light. 

And no amount of makeup, muscle mass, injections, bronzed skin, jewelry, or the like can add to it. The numbers on the scale, in your account, on your blog do not make you better or worse, nor will your accomplishments, what you’ve done, are doing, will do.

You are valuable as you are now, as you were born.

Your value is inherently infinitely valuable. Even with nothing, you are priceless.

I am not lying to you; it is true. This is what I remind myself. 

When I look into your face, I see the face of God. 


  1. essenceoftimeblog says:

    And it is a miracle that you are here, the science fact that all your cells in your body and the bacteria inside you decided to work and stay together, to be you. It is quite in sensible, except that we can sense it, which makes it no less amazing, quite the contrary, you are a living sometimes walking and talking miracle, and nothing short of a miracle. A spitting image of creation or the creator him self. It is a “wow”, thank you for the reminder and the mind blowing ❤️


    1. John Pa says:

      It is mind blowing love. We are miracles. We are loved. Thanks for sharing that comment. I hope this finds you well.


  2. Beautiful post John. I can Feel the Faith in your words. Truly Magical. 🌟💫


    1. John Pa says:

      Thank you, Dr. Andrea! I really appreciate your kind words. 🙏🙌 Have a great evening!!


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