Sometimes surviving is the best you should do

Some days just suck and feel like hell. That’s when the best thing you can do is survive. 

It’s when you want to throw up your hands and just give in and quit that you need to know this. 

Sometimes surviving is good enough. 

When everything seems to go wrong, and you feel like a failure and can’t do anything right: You drop your lunch on the ground, barely eaten, you drop your groceries going home, you drop your phone, and it shatters, you drop the ball at work. Yeah, don’t fight it. Just survive. It’s good enough. 

It is. Don’t try to thrive in that. Don’t even think about it. That will only make things worse. Just try to live through the day, season, time. Make it out. Hang in there. Keep hanging on by your fingertips; keep your nose above the waterline. That’s it. Live to fight another day. 

Don’t hate yourself when you go through that; don’t blame yourself. Don’t yell at yourself. No! It’s just one of those times. They happen every so often, like a solar eclipse. And just like an eclipse, it feels like it makes the world go dark. Don’t worry; it will pass. The sun will return. It always does. 

Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Know that God loves you. Pray. Remember that this will pass; you can buy another lunch, your produce is probably still ok, a phone can be fixed, everyone makes mistakes at work. Remember, tomorrow is another day. Breath. Survive. 

Sometimes you need to go through hell to reach heaven. 

And eventually, you can thrive. 


  1. essenceoftimeblog says:

    I like to think of those days as something happening for a good reason, beyond something I can comprehend. Perhaps like a payment in advance for something good that might come later, or something good that has past. Something that I may not even notice, but makes my life the way it is, good in general. Simply because I am still alive

    Thank you ❤


    1. John Pa says:

      Beautifully said. Thank you for reading and commenting. We are still alive. And because of that, we are rich. ❤️❤️


      1. essenceoftimeblog says:

        Indeed, i enjoy reqding your posts 😊


  2. essenceoftimeblog says:

    This song made me think of your post ^^,


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