Her naked voice will make you feel

She opened her mouth and sang,
her naked voice pure and
beautiful made the air

It was a Kurdish song with
Kurdish words that I didn’t
understand but I could feel its
meaning, echoing, as it resonated
through my body and pierced my

It was haunting—

hauntingly beautiful.

It wasn’t a scream; it wasn’t a
yell. It was pain intertwined
with hope like the morning mist
fragile, yet floating, everywhere
then disappears in the first
morning light.

Mysterious yet meaningful, moving
you in ways you never knew you
could, within you a chorus of emotions
dancing to the tune of life and death.


Lost in the moment, searching for truth,

yearning for hope.

Sonorous reverberations lingered
longingly as I listened, mesmerized,
lost in the melody, as I found my soul
hovering, absorbed in each note, in each

You who know pain can understand how
the air can ache

bringing you to tears,
shaking your heart,
tearing down the world
you love

but you stand



Yet, as you breathe,

you ache.

This was inspired by Emel Mathlouthi and her performance.

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  1. essenceoftimeblog says:

    Wow… that must have been beautiful


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