Today is the most important day you have

Today is the most important moment in your life. 

It is. The past can’t be changed; the future is unknowable. But the present is different. 

You can do something here. You can act upon it, begin to change your life, draft the first paragraph of that book you always wanted to write, start a new habit, quit a terrible job, open a business, learn a new skill, ask your love to marry you. 

Reality and possibility kiss in the present. All that is missing is you, acting. 

Act as if your life depends on it because it does. Not that you are in harm’s way. But you are in danger of missing the possibilities of what you can do, the goodness you can contribute, the person you can become. 

No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, who you are, we all can be redeemed; we all can be transformed. And your future isn’t fixed; your life can improve. You can evolve, no matter what others say, no matter what you say. You are far from hopeless. This is the time to start your new future. Right this instant. 

Today is one of the greatest gifts we have. Don’t waste it on regretting this or that thing that happened, or worrying about such and such that you want to happen or hope doesn’t. 

Do what is before you today. Make the most of it. This is where life happens.

So, make here. Do here. Think here. Live here. 

Today is when life is best lived.

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