You can overcome your doubt

Doubt is a weed that grows in the gardens of our minds. It can choke our dreams and kill our hopes. And the words “I can’t” start to infiltrate our thoughts. But doubt is a weed, not the flower, nor fruit. That’s the truth, and we the gardener.

So tend your mind, care for it, be aware of what is sprouting and rooting, diligently. Otherwise, untrue ideas, dark voices, and hopelessness can overrun your precious plot. Vigilance is key. Uproot the intruders, cast them off.

And plant the seeds of truth, goodness, faith. Water them, feed them, watch them. They will feed you, nourish you, sustain you. The aroma of their buds and the sweetness from their flesh will give you life, fill you with hope, fuel your aspirations.

And you will flourish.

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