Feel hated? You need to know this

Sometimes you feel cursed, diseased, abandoned, betrayed when you try to live courageously, greatly. But you are not alone.

Some people hate me, despise me, think me despicable, talk behind my back, consider me bad. And some of them even smile at me, tell me they love me, hug me, and wish me well.

But I know. It’s not real. They’re not real, like a Gucci bag hawked on Chinatown streets—fake.

People may hate you openly or in the shadows. But don’t fret. You’re not alone; you’re in good company. Even the best in the world were hated: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus. People hated them so much that they killed them.

Recently, a friend, who is a leader and a good man trying to do good things, told me he was getting brutalized by certain people in the organizations he led. So he went to an eighty-year-old man who lived a courageous life for some advice. And he told my friend this: “Don’t let the asses get you down.”

So, never mind the haters. Continue doing the right thing. Move forward. Live your life.

And remember, don’t let the asses get you down.

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