I want you to have true peace

Rest isn’t just the sleep we get; it’s a state of inner being that we need.

It’s beyond memory foam pillows, Egyptian Cotton sheets, and goose feather duvets. We seek an inner stillness, a quietude in our soul.

So stop and relax your shoulders; quiet the voices clamoring in your mind. Focus on your breath. Breathe.

Remember happy moments, those sweet memories with loved ones, warm embraces, rooms filled with laughter, echoing love.

Imagine a future flowing with hope—like a river feeding a lush valley full of blossoms, foliage, and tranquility—living.

See the goodness in your life and relish the riches surrounding you: the people, privileges, freedoms, talents, possibilities that swirl around you.

Enjoy your life, this day, what you have, your loved ones, like a child playing in a calm sea of blue water on a hot summer day. You are alive. So revel in this moment.

And I pray that that moment stretches into eternity where the Spirit dances around and dwells within you.

And I hope you find, even if it’s just for a breath, this.


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