One of the best doubts you can have

Not all doubts are bad. Some point you in the right direction.

After you commit to running your first marathon or that ambitious project at work or some big goal you’ve always dreamed of accomplishing, that’s when you can hear a voice inside of your head saying, “No way; I can’t do that.”

It happens when you’re walking on a path that is scary, beyond you, unfamiliar, and you can start wondering if you‘re doing the right thing.

That’s when you need to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. You wanted to stretch yourself and see if you could go further. The status quo was killing you and you decided to break free. You have to grow, rise, fly, or at least try.

You see, growth and doubt walk hand in hand.

So when you’re venturing into territories you’ve never explored, don’t be surprised when you second-guess yourself. Instead, wave them off because you know that stepping into the unknown is where you make discoveries you’ve never made, behold vistas you’ve never seen, and experience moments that were only whisperings of a dream.

And the only way to get there is to face your fears, risk failure, and pierce your doubts.

This is the way you’ve chosen. It’s bigger than you.

You’re not just living. You’re alive.


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