One of the best phrases to practice in life

img_4177“I’ll try.” Practicing that simple phrase will make your life rich.

It will open your mind to new possibilities, friends, adventures, ideas. You will learn skills you never thought you could obtain, meet people you never thought you would know, accomplish feats you thought only possible for others.

“I’ll try” is the enemy of the status quo and the friend to growth. It won’t let you stay the same. It’s a mindset that short circuits the temptation for staying comfortable.

It doesn’t just let you dream, no; you’re doing. You’re acting. You’re not merely hoping for something to happen, you are working until something happens: You’re trying.

If you practice this mindset, you won’t just change; you’ll improve. You’ll broaden your experiences and gain a richness that you would have never gained without it.

“I’ll try,” doesn’t mean you have to commit. You’re just giving something a go, taking a small risk, seeing if there’s a fit. And if the trial goes well, you can go further, deeper, longer.

Perfection does not exist in “I’ll try.” It can’t. Those words breathe experimentation, imperfection, process. But you know that the secret to life isn’t about doing things perfectly, but productively. And even what is perfected doesn’t start perfectly.

This phrase helps you discover what you’re good at and what you enjoy. And that leads to what you can be great at. Greatness isn’t instant. It takes time. And it starts with “I’ll try.”

And, in the winter of your life, you will gaze back over the vibrant collage of your memories and be grateful.

For, you tried.

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