This is the best way to think about your future

img_4604Your past doesn’t determine your future.

What has happened to you is only a part of your story, and even a part of you—but it is not you.

So stop your mind’s eye from reaching back into darkened memories, pondering mistakes made. Worry not. Past failures don’t ruin all that is ahead.

That is continually being shaped as you take each step on the path of life. It’s being formed at this very moment by your actions.

So cast your thoughts on what you should do right now. Continue doing that. And you will find the sun rising before you, bright and warm, brilliant and joyous.

And you will see that life isn’t about the past or even the future.

It’s about the present—enjoying each step.


  1. Thank-you for sharing this, I needed this! 💕


    1. John Pa says:

      My pleasure. Glad that it served you well. 😀❤️


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