This is one of the best ways to look at life

Cascading down a lush green knoll, blanketed by wildflowers, you run free, without care and full of mirth, breathing in joy and exhaling love: You live.

Slowing your strides to a saunter, you drink in the beauty that embraces you, enveloped in serenity, bathed in light, wrapped in love. There is no one with you, yet you feel the communion, as birds sing and creation flutters around you, dancing among you with each step.

You wander, wondering not for the destination, but for the grace of being—here, now. You are present, aware of the goodness without and within. It’s like drinking in the warmth you feel when you first walk into your home from playing in the snow, and loving hands give you a freshly made mug of hot chocolate—deliciously loved.

Pause in the hustle of life. Drink in these moments; sip them down. Savor them. With lovers, colleagues, strangers, or alone, look around and enjoy the moment—and rejoice.

You are alive.

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