You’re worthier than you know

“You don’t belong here,” or “These people are better than you,” are words that can creep into our minds. But they shouldn’t.

There are times in our lives and careers when we feel like imposters, sneaking into a room full of “worthier” people than ourselves, wondering how we got here.

But you’re not an imposter!

The fact is is that most of those people whom you are thinking are so worthy are probably thinking and feeling the same way you are—unworthy.

But that’s the wrong mindset. Focusing on that isn’t worth your time. Instead, focus on how to achieve a goal, fulfill your duty, grow in your work. The more you do that, the more you will feel like you belong.

Ironically, the less you think about your worth and create value, the more worthy you become.

And, more than that, you are worthy because you have inherent worth.

You’re human.

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