You are more valuable than you know

You are not just enough; you are more than enough.

Don’t let your inner critic run rampant and criticize all that you do and don’t do. Don’t always listen to the voices around you saying how you did this or that poorly.

You are not just your accomplishments, the number of friends you or likes you have. You’re not even the way you feel.

You are a son, a daughter, a neighbor, a human being, a person, a child of God.

You have intrinsic value that goes beyond what you do. And you should know that what you do, whether if it’s taking care of the home, or sweeping the streets, or creating art, or writing a blog post, or leading a corporation has value.

So, my fellow human, you are not only incredibly valuable just as you are, you create value.

You are enough; you are more than you know.

Know that.

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