1. cpluzc says:

    How to be happy about poverty, illness, ….if that’s all you have?


    1. John Pa says:

      Hi. That is a very good question. Thank you for asking it. What I can say is that even wealthy people are not happy. You can have all of the success, wealth, and health in the world and be miserable. Of course no one really wants to be in poverty or sick, but I hear that often those who travel to third world countries and meet or see people who live in much poorer state’s often note how happy are. In illness, there are those who live richly regardless of their condition and there are those who don’t. Much of it is perspective or mindset. If they believe that their life is terrible, it will be. If they see that they are blessed despite their sickness or poverty, they will be blessed. For me, my perspective is most driven by my faith. I see how much God loves me no matter what condition I am in. He loved me even when I was his enemy and hated him. And I believe that he is with me and cares for me no matter what condition I am in. Rich or poor, well or ill, foolish or wise he is my Heavenly Father. I hope this helps, my friend, and that these words find you well and rich.


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