The new you starts here

New doesn’t mean throwing out the old. Those mistakes, that failure are things you’d like to forget—but don’t. Becoming new means taking the old and learning from it, growing through it. Just as the flower dies in winter and feeds the seed in spring, your past helps your future bloom. Without the old, you cannot be new.

Happy New Year!

Recommended reading to become a new you in 2020 (some links are affiliates):

    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***: Now his language is what it is as you can tell from the title, so if that is too distracting or offensive, skip on; but this is a refreshingly honest book about how to see life.
    On Writing: Imagine Stephen King writing a book on writing, and this is what you get. King shares his own story of how he became a writer and his tips on how he creates his masterpieces. Now, I’m not an incredible writer, but reading this has improved how I write.
    The Bible: For spiritual renewal, this book holds the greatest words for true refreshment, telling us the story of the one who loves you like no other and went to lengths to show you his love that no one else dare do.
    Mere Christianity: Here’s another book for your spirituality. C.S. Lewis was one of the worlds foremost thinkers, and in this book he explores Christianity honestly and intelligently.
    Sleep better: This post shares all that I do to help me sleep like a mummy every night. Up your sleeping game by reading this post.
    Get fit: In this post, I share my story of going from being obese to fit, even in midlife. I hope it inspires you to build healthier habits in your life and know that your worth it.
    Start a business: Here’s my story of how I started my first successful business. Believe me, if I could do it so can you.

I hope these find you well and better, friends.

May 2020 be our best year, yet!

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