Love your life

Life’s simplest joys are best: a hug from a loved one, a kind word, a smile, the aroma of coffee right as you take the first sip, friends sharing stories and laughter, children growing, life awakening, a new day.

That’s not seen simply. It takes work.

See, we’re taught at a very young age that more is better, and better is best.

But, the truth is bigger piles of money, nicer homes, grander titles can’t give you what you really want.

Because more is never enough.

In quiet moments we can hear the whisperings that a secret to living well isn’t about getting what we desire but desiring what we’ve got.

When you believe that, you begin to experience the evidences of fullness, bounty, and blessing in your everyday moments, everywhere; and you will realize they are some of the things that make your life truly good and abundant, filling you with abounding mirth and joy.

And you won’t want more.

Because what you have is more than enough.

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