When you worry, think this

Daily bread. in worrying times, it’s what we need—everyday.

It’s less about food and more about frame of mind. It’s about shrinking your fear and growing your faith.

When we worry, stress, or fret about the present, the future, whether there’s a pandemic or not, daily bread sets our mind aright.

It keeps us focused on the present, the now. It’s resting on the fact that we have enough and that tomorrow will be provided for.

It is a Christian phrase that Jesus taught, reminding His followers that God provides and that they shouldn’t be concerned for tomorrow.

And I believe that.

But even if you don’t, the idea still has great use in your life.

It’s an image of contentment, being present in the moment and grateful. It’s a recognition that you have enough. It rejects fear-based living.

When our minds bend to the future, we get ourselves into trouble. That’s when worrying occurs, the restless “sleep,” the terrible nights, the nightmares.

I get it. I have it. It happened to me yesterday. In some ways it’s happening right now, like a low-range hum, just below the surface, humming.

You probably feel it too.

The world is on shaky ground right now. Isn’t it? It feels wobbly. Unsure. We’re in uncharted territories.

Daily bread. That’s what we need, you need.

Just because you have a savings account full of money, a home, food, toilet paper, doesn’t mean you’re not fretting.

Having resources doesn’t shelter you from worry. It finds you no matter how secure you look.

Or, maybe you find yourself in want, out of a job, needing food, you might feel guilt or shame. Don’t. Survive. Who cares what others might say if you take a handout. These are terrible times. Find your daily bread.

Whatever situation you are in. In need or not, we worry.

But in those moments, I hope you are able to see that daily bread is before you.

Take it each day from the table of life.

Feast on it now. And live.

To pass this time, I’m reading:

  1. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It (affiliate): Top FBI negotiator, Chris Voss, shares his secrets and tactics of how he won negotiations in life and death situations so that we can negotiate everything from our salaries to getting our children to do what we want. I haven’t finished this yet, but it’s been an incredible read so far. His stories alone are worth the read. But the concepts are simple but awfully useful. This book is a great investment.
  2. The Great Gatsby (affiliate): Beauty—that’s why I read this book repeatedly. Fitzgerald, the author, paints spectacular pictures with words that stir the soul like an ocean breeze as you stand gazing at the sun dipping into the shimmering watery horizon. If you want to draw your mind away from anything awful, read this.
  3. The Four Loves (affiliate): Love is life. Yet, it’s so hard to define. Good thing C. S. Lewis does it for us in this seminal work that gives us a deeper understanding in this essential element of living so that we might all live better each and every day, with or without a pandemic.

Just because it’s scary outside, doesn’t mean we can’t cultivate beauty within. Books and beautiful words do that for us, friends. I hope you fill yourself with them.

Lots of love to you.


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