Unlearn yourself

You’re not stuck; you just haven’t learned to unlearn yourself.

That phrase, “unlearn yourself,” is powerful because it unlocks the potential we all have within us. And it reframes the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back.

Our stories define us. And those definitions often trap us. They’re a cage of assumptions and ideas that confine and hinder us from improving our lives, living better.

Years ago, I used to have chronic pain, which I believed was the reason I was terribly out of shape. And I thought that I really couldn’t do much about it because I went to countless doctors but still agonized.

That was my story. That’s what I told myself. I was trapped.

Then I started mall walking with my wife. And I might have been out of breath the first few times, as grandmas lapped me. (Seriously.) But somehow I felt better physically after I went, so I kept at it.

Eventually, that led to me start running regularly, which set my lungs on fire, but also made me feel good, somehow.

And after years of incremental changes and improvements to my workouts and diet, I became healthy and fit. More than that, the pain dissipated.

After all of that, I realized how wrong I was about my body, my health, my pain, my story—me.

There was a cage around me that I never even realized was there. It was framed in a story that I wove about myself until it held me captive.

Then, I unlearned myself.

And everything changed. I changed.

What about you?

What do you believe about yourself that isn’t right or is entirely wrong?

It’s hard to see sometimes. Start by doing this.

Take stock when you say, “I can’t do that,” not about anything immoral, but those things you want to do or should do but believe you can’t.

What are those things, areas, goals, practices? Start there.

Unlearn yourself.

And you’ll learn how powerful you really are, unlocking the potential you never knew you had.

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