Three Ways to Improve Your Life, Even Now

You can improve your life, even in this pandemic.

I’m not saying life’s ok. It’s not. We’ve lost much.

Even with all of that, you can continue to grow, learn, rise. Here are three ways. 


Work Better

We can all work, even if you’ve lost a job.

Unemployment isn’t the end of the world. I know. I’ve been fired before. I had to shift, adjust, hustle. That might be you today. 

If so, it’s a perfect time to experiment, try new things, publish a post on Medium. Learn how to make a living online.

Never has there been more opportunity to make money online than there is now. Google up “Make money online”. And you’ll find plenty of ideas. Then try one.

Even if you fail. You will have succeeded in learning something new.

And maybe, just maybe, it will put you on a direction that you never imagined going. It will transform your life. 


Connect Deeper

And, yes, everyone is talking about reconnecting with old friends. Just yesterday, I reconnected with one I haven’t talked to in over a decade. And it’s true: It is great. If you haven’t, you should.

But why not try healing deeper wounds, deepening existing relationships through having hard conversations. 

This is hard. Conflict is painful.

But when it’s done well, it often yields a depth of relationship and healing many don’t get to experience because we avoid these types of situations.

Start by asking that person a question about the topic you’re wanting to discuss. Ask them their side of the story. Get them to open up and don’t interrupt them: Just let them share. When they’re done wait to see if they’ll ask you a question.

If they don’t, ask them if they want to hear your side of the story. And see where it goes. You may be surprised.

You may experience a greater wave of intimacy that will revolutionize the way you relate to others for the rest of your life. 


Eat Richer

Lastly, Why not eat better?

All of us are buying more groceries than ever. So instead of getting chips or other processed foods, get a great, healthy and delicious recipe. Then create it.

Not only will the process of making it be fun but feasting on it will make you feel just as good as your tastebuds do. You’ll feel like royalty. You’ll feel rich.

If you’re looking for recipes, my family loves Cookbooks by Danielle Walker (affiliate). They’re magical—really. Every bite feels like a coronation. 

Just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t make each day an opportunity to get better, experience more, go deeper.

You can.

Try today.

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