How to Think When the Lockdowns Lift

The lockdowns will lift, likely soon. If they do, be patient. Don’t rush out to find normal. It’s not there.

The virus still roams free. That means you shouldn’t.

I won’t be seeing my mom, telling her it’s ok to go back to church. It’s not.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be optimistic. We can. We should. Things will get better.

I might have a few meetings here or there. But I won’t be hugging, shaking hands, getting too close. No. But seeing my friends in person will be a welcomed change.

You probably will, too.

But be cautious, vigilant even.

Use your face masks, gloves, wash your hands like crazy, socially distance.

Even if everyone is screaming to tell you everything’s ok, know that it’s not.

There isn’t a vaccine in mass production. We can still spread this disease.

Practicing vigilance will protect our families, friends, neighbors, the world, ourselves.

But we needn’t live in fear just because the future is shrouded, unclear, like a foggy night.

One day we will look back and say, “Do you remember that pandemic…” while sipping on drinks with a loved one while we share a meal together at a favorite restaurant, sitting under the shining sun, laughing.

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