Transform Your Life With Better Expectations

To avoid disappointment don’t lower your expectations; lengthen them.

No one wants to be disappointed. And to prevent it some of us think it’s better to lower our expectations or, worse, kill them completely.

But, that doesn’t work.

Lowering your expectations is like giving up and it’s almost practically impossible to do. If you expect less, you may accomplish less. Also, we always expect others, ourselves, the world to be a certain way.

The problem isn’t that we have expectation but how we have them.

Our expectations aren’t too high.

They’re too short.

If you would have known me in my twenties I was a hot mess. I had higher expectations for myself, but failed to meet them, often. But in my forties I’m still a mess but far less messed up. But it took decades to grow and meet more of my expectations.

It takes years to get better, reach our goals, improve.

See, when you lengthen your expectations, spread them out, it changes everything.

Doing that will save you from disappointment and give you the perspective to reach higher than you ever thought you could.

It will help you live richly.

You might even exceed your expectations.

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