Surviving one of the most difficult times in my life: my bout with depression

When I was younger, I didn’t think I could ever fall into depression. Not that I wasn’t susceptible to it but that it just would happen to me. But, I was naive.

I was working at a church in Queens, New York, learning how to start churches. I was young and full of hope.

My life was a beautiful dream. I was living in the city I loved, working in the career I felt called to and I was making new friends. My future looked bright.

Then, I got fired.

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Would you leave a good life to find a great one?

My family and I moved to New York City.

We had a really good life in St. Louis, an amazing place to raise a family. We were living in one of the best school districts in the nation. We had a beautiful home. We even had loving neighbors and a rich community around us. My mom lived two floors down from us and could babysit at any time.

Right now, some of you might be saying, “Boy, you are stupid!”

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