Sometimes surviving is the best you should do

Some days just suck and feel like hell. That’s when the best thing you can do is survive.  It’s when you want to throw up your hands and just give in and quit that you need to know this.  Sometimes surviving is good enough.  When everything seems to go wrong, and you feel like a…More

One of the most powerful ways to overcome your fear

Fear can grip us powerfully, but we can overcome it and soar. It’s the dread we feel even when everything is going well. It’s the shiver that goes down our spine when we just landed our dream job, found a person we love, gave birth to our first child. When we should be celebrating and…More

One of the best words to use when you feel bad

“Again” is a common word, but for those who’ve failed, been rejected, feel ashamed, it’s incredibly powerful. It means you get to start afresh; you get to find new love or rekindle an old one after feeling unlovable; you get to do that thing you never thought you would be able to do after failing…More

This is the best way to see your story

The story of your life is unfolding right now, at this very moment. Choose what you will do today, how you will invest your time, what you will learn, how you will grow, who you will be. The pen is in your hand; the ink is flowing. Tell your story. Tell it the way you…More

A truth that will help you reach your dreams

You are greater than you know. You are more than you believe. No matter what credentials, diplomas, status, or net worth you have (or don’t have), you possess the power to change your surroundings, your habits, your career, your life. You are more powerful than you know. What you say, think, and do impacts those…More

This is what you need to create

Uninterrupted time is the fodder for creativity. As yeast is to bread, solitude is to the creative process—essential. Without the quiet moments and lingering stillness, words that move us wouldn’t be as moving, paintings that stir us wouldn’t be as stirring, inventions that help us wouldn’t be as helpful. Creation best happens in the quiet…More

I want you to be blessed

Peace. Let it wash over you, soothing you like an embrace of a loved one, as you ease yourself into this vision. You are in a beautiful garden, surrounded by blooming flowers, red, orange, violet, indigo, yellow. The green is greener than you’ve ever seen it, covering rolling hills, treetops, bushes. It’s vibrant and rich.…More

An important thing I learned from being laughed at

Everyone laughed, and I was the butt of the joke. I hated it. But I realized something about life.  A group of us sat around a large circular dining table, and a newly married couple started talking about how they met. It was a great story with surprising twists and turns. And then a guy…More

Sometimes to forget is the most powerful thing you can do

Sometimes forgetting is the best thing you can do to become who you were meant to be. Forget that you feel like a failure and that you can’t do this or that and the mistake you made back then. Forget thinking that you’re not enough, that you don’t look a certain way, have the credentials,…More

This book will blow your mind

If you haven’t read Range, by David Epstein (affiliate), you need to. It will change the way you think about thinking. Most of the world holds the notion that experts are what we need, people who are hyper specialized. Ten thousand hours are what it takes to succeed, is the belief (it’s what I believed).…More