The truth you need to know about your pain

Pain. It marks and makes us. The death of a loved one, the breaking of love, the broken promises, the promising future never realized, the realization that your body won’t stop aching…causes us great grief; but they often act as the compass of life, directing us to our true north. Who would we be without…More

One of the most important people we forget to be kind to

Be kind to yourself today.  You might have screwed up, but you’re not a screwup.  You might have made a mistake, but you aren’t a mistake.  You are worthy. You are lovable. You are beautiful.  Punishing yourself will not right the wrong. That would only add to it.  Forgive yourself. Let it go. Move forward. …More

You don’t need to be angry

A gas station attendant made me pay a dollar for hot water (which I thought was absurd) and treated me rudely. And I learned something. It was compassion. It was a magical day. My family and I went apple picking. We drove down two-lane highways surrounded by wood and canopied by leafy branches that were…More

The one thing you need to make more of to grow: mistakes

Perfectionism doesn’t help us progress; mistakes do.  With the right mindset, they push us forward. We need to know that succeeding isn’t neat and tidy; it’s sloppy and messy. It’s mistake-ridden.  When you make a mistake, it lays the groundwork for improvement. Every failure is an attempt to do something. And in those attempts, you…More

You need to know that you really are enough

No matter how many likes, hearts, or comments you get, you are enough. Yes. You are.  We’ve always lived in a world where we’ve compared ourselves with others; the problem is now we have ample data to measure our comparisons.  If we get less engagement than we want on a post, we feel like we…More